Life Management

So you have a demanding work and personal life? Try to manage work and family? Work long hours, weekends and no matter what you do you can't seem to get ahead?

Michele recognized early on that her clients needed help to improve the quality of their lives and find ways to lower their stress. At work there can be associates to help get the job done, many times a team working towards the same goal. But when you get home, do you have the personal support and the systems in place? Do you manage the many tasks at hand on your own?

no worries gives each client the personal attention and support they need to create balance in their lives. Michele works with her clients to create, prioritize and carry out a personal "to do" list which will enable them to get their life back in control.

  • Shopping - personal, gift, home
  • Vendor coordination - home improvements or at the office
  • Research - from finding a couch to a caterer, we'll find you the info you need
  • Errands - add time to your day by letting us sweat the small stuff
Learn how you can have it all by contacting no worries today!

  "It's no exaggeration to say that her work puts my mind at ease. Her services helped me concentrate on the things I need to get done without swimming upstream against a current of procrastination."

                                   - Dr. Walter Robinson, Cambridge

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